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Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Malignant Sumatran tiger

Sripo / Ist
Sumatran tiger
Sriwijaya Post - Wednesday, March 24, 2010 08:55 pm

Sumatran tiger habitat (Panthera tigris sumatera) increasingly disturbed behavior and forest browser concession holder companies. Recorded 41 human lives flying from Sumatran tiger mengganasnya within the last ten years.

The attack happened in the Medak area of Muara Village, Kapayang Beautiful, Mangsang, and the Village distribution Bayunglencir District, District Muba. Emergence of tiger is often recognized by some browsers and forest on the border of District residents and Muba Muaro Jambi so very harmful to living masyarakar forest area.

Nasir (32) citizens of the village of Muara Medak says, interfere Sumatran tiger habitat because of encroachment activities by timber companies. These two young men claimed to have confined themselves all day in the house after hearing the sound entering the Sumatran tiger in a crowded ward the end of 2009 then.

"Roar could be heard up to 1 Km. It is conceivable, sir, who once ate keganasannya man who penetrated the forest, "he said.

According to Nasir, the troubled tiger ketenanganya chainsaw sound of wood cutting machine so as not to two hours to find the location of the tiger that clutter it sounds.

According to him, the browser's forests experienced by Nasir will soon be out of the forest location was not until two hours to avoid or to chase the tiger itself with weapons safety.

The arrival of these tigers are clustered according to Nasir eight tails. Physical condition tigers go Nasir has his feet up for a plate with a nail that is saved.

While nine deaths in the area of forest browser Muaro Jambi until the end of 2009 and due to tiger habitat disturbance by oil company activities that open new land for planting oil palm.

There's Nest observation at location Sumatran tiger habitat areas KEPAYANG Beautiful Villages and Village Medak District Estuary Bayung tall and slim, Saturday (20 / 3), the Sumatran tiger's nest was built on the outskirts of Lalan River toward the corners of the forest.

Reveal the tiger's nest of wooden beds across the two branches that are about one meter from the ground. Location of the nest adjacent to the child also facilitate the flow of the river this beast to drink. In too many locations in the former animal bones have long decayed.

District forestry office Musi Banyuasin proposed two former concession areas to be forest and village residents would mempeingatkan any browser that will enter the forest area of the former forest concession in Muara village and the village of Medak district Muba KEPAYANG Beautiful.

A sign measuring six feet times three feet of the warning has entered the Sumatran tiger habitat area complete with a number of victims of the tiger pounced on as many as 41 people in January 2010 is expected to provide the deterrent effects of forest browser.

Meanwhile, residents around the forest activity continues among the gardening and fishing villages around the forest and the area of Forest Management Rights (HPH) some companies bordering Jambi Province.

Data collected in the District Forestry office Muba showed up in January 2010 recorded 41 human lives have drifted due to malignant sumatera tiger.

Head UPTD KPHP Mangsang distribution, Hidayat Nawawi, said the control of production forests diareal activities remain to be done prohibits anyone working and / or use or occupy forest areas illegally, penetrated forests, cutting trees and burning forests with strict sanctions and fines. (hubs)

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