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Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Enjoying Adu in Musi Racing Boat

Seberang Ulu area located on the banks of Musi River, Palembang, South Sumatra, Thursday (25/2/2010). - Besides the view Ampera Bridge as a landmark of Palembang, another thing that can be enjoyed in the Musi River is a boat racing contest. Driver behavior monkey or a boat loaded with goods djoekoengs can be enjoyed if we go by boat from Pier Sekanak until near the end of the estuary in the Breech and vice versa.

As seen in the village of Upang, MAKARTI Jaya district, District Banyuasin, Sunday (14/3/2010). In the fishing village of Musi's edge just a stopover store goods boatmen.

Floating in the shop, we can watch the boats loaded with goods they put forward speed. From a distance the distance, the boats loaded with coconut or copra from the Breech to accelerate the rate of Palembang's boat.

Not to be outdone, the boat behind him then go to accelerate the speed, flow formed using the previous boat swerved to avoid runoff wave hit. Like chase each other.

Speed race boats also carried the boats of goods from the direction of Palembang. Follow the river, the boat's driver accelerated. One after another with the boat behind him.

Sensation said it was in the dock floating shop. When the boats were passing in front of the pier with a high speed, wave runoff on the dock and the boats being docked.

Like rocked by a strong taste. Being on the roof of the boat, if not a strong hold, may have fallen. While in the dock, we will be joined shaky and boats being menumbur against each other.

Mamad (40), origin of goods boatmen Breech, said race is usually not intentional. Motorists who want to fast until the goal will drive the boat at high speed. Eventually it was used behind the boat.

"Usually pretty strong wave runoff. So, instead of mending affected come quickly, "said Mamad. Andy (40), water taxi driver from Palembang, admitted, in essence, the driver of the boat or water taxi goods in the Musi River is always running fast boats.

With a powerful 200 engine horsepower (PK), he can carry the boat sped over the water at speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour. "With high speed, passengers or goods can be delivered quickly," said Andy.

However, one thing is recorded from the driver's quick trip boat, by instinct, by carefully measuring the driver's condition. If bad weather, like rain in the waters of the river, they will not be reckless driving fast boats are dangerous.

"We also do not want to endanger passengers or other boat," said Andy. (hln)

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