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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

The Legend of Love

Cap Goh Meh celebration was festive in the island since the region Kemaro become a legend for Sino citizens. In the legend, in ancient times there was a child king of country China wants to marry the daughter of the original Palembang.

Their romance ends tragically, following the king's son named China Bun Ann Tan is dead after discovering the soldiers brought a jar of dirt on China's throw away (the urn for the offering proposal, previously considered to not contain anything) to the bottom of the Musi River turned out to contain gold.

Furthermore Palembang native daughter joined plunged into the river, and until now the legend is still believed to be ethnic Indonesians, he said. According to legend, it is believed that the island Kemaro sticking out is the tomb of two men who plunged it.

Johny Prima said, until now hundreds of thousands of people each year Sino at Cap Goh Meh celebration, the island continued to come to worship and pilgrimage.

Peak occurs at midnight the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, but before and the day after the ceremony, residents continued to stream in turn. Until now the island which, according to a story in the form of a mound that emerged from the Musi River and considered a princess and a prince's tomb and her ladies, keep treated by the management and guard the island.

In the legend, Prince China Bun Tan An application to the Princess King of Palembang (Siti Fatimah). Emperor of China had sent a dowry (mahr) in nine jar of gold bullion to propose.

At the top of the jar, to fool the pirates on the way when it is full of danger, covered with vegetables. But she reached the mouth of the Musi River, Prince China knows that the urn contains only vegetables, became embarrassed. One by one the jar is plunged into the Musi River.

But when the last of the broken jars before crashing into the river, instead of gold bars poured from it. Prince was surprised and was seeking to take the urn which has entered the stream. But the prince with his bodyguards never to surface water again.

The incident made the daughter Siti Fatimah became sad and despair, so with her ladies also plunged into the river to meet her prince. Legend of true love is told and hereditary known until now.

Competitive Tourism Object
Pemda Kota Palembang by the local Tourism Office, is expected to continue to maintain the existence of the island's Kemaro facilities and provide the necessary support so that tourists who come to be comfortable, safe and really impressed after coming.

Moreover, South Sumatra province in 2009 was determined to continue the program-2009 Visit Musi mainstay tourism promotion program by selling a variety of potential winning tourist attraction in South Sumatra, including the island-so Kemaro can bring in at least two million tourists to this area.

Mayor of Palembang, Eddy Santana Putra, confirmed that local government will continue to maintain, preserve and develop the tourist attraction as well as promote the region's mainstay. Local government has also committed to realizing Palembang as the International City Religious Cultured and 2013.

Culture and Tourism Office Province of South Sumatra (South Sumatra) also looked at tourists from Singapore and Malaysia for a visit to the province since the two countries have emotional ties with this region.

"The target of our campaign to the country closer to the first Singapore and Malaysia, two countries that have emotional ties with the South Sumatra," said Head of Culture and Tourism of South Sumatra, Euis Rosmiati.

According to him, other than emotional ties with the South Sumatra, the country also has a cultural affinity and others. Thus, targeting tourism promotion to the state of South Sumatra is closer to first like Singapore and Malaysia, just next to countries far away, he said.

He states, many of which can be seen in South Sumatra as songket shopping which is good quality, culinary tours, and many more tourist objects that can be visited in this area.

Some tourist objects in Palembang, among others Siguntang Hill Island Drought / Kemaro, Son of Bala Museum, Archeological Park of Sriwijaya, and Fort Kuto Besak and others. He said, in the year 2009 it will continue to increase the number of tourists visit the area.

"Visit Musi 2008" will continue in the year 2009 as well as in the following years, he said.

"We will continue to maintain and enhance what has been achieved in the year 2008 and what is not yet implemented will be implemented in the year 2009," he said again.

It also will fix a number of existing tourist objects that appeal more to visit local and foreign tourists, as well as the existence of the legendary island Kemaro hereditary trusted by the citizens of other countries Sino it.

The potential nature tourism, customs and traditions and pilgrimage in the city of Palembang and South Sumatra province must be a good touch, in order to really become a magnet for anyone coming to visit this area, without get enough of.

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

CAP GO MEH IN Kemaro Island

AREA Kemaro Island (droughts) in the lower Musi River in Palembang before midnight, Saturday (7 / 2 2009), was suddenly filled with tens of thousands of people - generally people Sino - from various regions and countries.

Tens of thousands of citizens of various nations and from some area flock to the island came to an area of about five hectares, the prince kept the legend from China's love with the daughter of King of Palembang was to celebrate the Cap Go Meh-part ritual of the Lunar New Year tradition, each year.

The arrival of citizens wavy and reached its peak at midnight Saturday. Everything is aimed to be on the island, while the peak Cap Go Meh celebration in 2560, with some accompanying ritual, such as the black sheep slaughtered in front of the mound of earth which is believed to be the tomb of Siti Fatimah - daughter of King of Palembang that the legendary plunge into the river, to overtake prince from China who first plunged into the Musi River.

Cap Go Meh festivity on the island of Kemaro increasingly felt in various special performances, such as barongsai, puppets of China and the traditional arts etsnis Tionghoa, Liong.

Visitors who came among others from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore and China and some other countries, as well as from several provinces in Indonesia, where ethnic Tionghoa ancestral faiths and conservationists Tri Dharma Cap Go Meh tradition.

For Sino society, in the tradition they always celebrate the Lunar New Year with a celebration Cap Go Meh (Sincia) or celebrations end the 15th day of the first month's Lunar New Year. The existence of the island was considered exotic, with the presence of two tombs in the top and there-kelenten also one tourist attraction that is high enough that the city of Palembang.

Kemaro Island votes to capture potential foreign tourists and the archipelago. Great potential, at least seen each time the Lunar New Year celebration and Cap Go Meh, with the arrival of tourists from different regions and countries that continue to flock to visit the island which divides the river flow by forming a delta that.

Kemaro Island today became the Tionghoa ethnic rituals from various regions and foreign countries, so that almost certainly they will come to the island regularly, especially during Lunar New Year and Cap Go Meh each year.

Especially on the island is famous for temples and tombs believed to be the tomb Bun Tan An (prince from China) and Siti Fatimah (daughter of King of Palembang), with the legend of true love between two great nations and cultures in the ancient times.

Committee Cap Goh Meh celebrations or 15 days after the Lunar New Year on the Island Kemaro perform various preparations to carry out the ritual on the island, considering the thousands of descendants will be visited China from various regions and countries.

One of the festival committee's Cap Goh Meh, Johny Prima, said today they were doing a variety of preparations for the closing celebration of the Lunar New Year or Cap Goh Meh.

Ritual Cap Goh Meh celebration so far, concentrated on the island Kemaro contained keleteng one of the oldest in the city of Palembang and the tomb of Siti Fatimah who became one of the legends of ethnic Tionghoa.

According to Johny, the peak ritual Cap Goh Meh celebrations held on Saturday night, filled with prayers and other rituals to worship the Almighty.

"Every Cap Goh Meh celebration, hundreds of thousands of people descended from China from various cities in Indonesia and even from Singapore, Malaysia and China also bersembahnyang and Kemaro pilgrimage to the island," he said again.

He states, to welcome the arrival of thousands of ethnic Tionghoa, the committee Cap Goh Meh celebrations have prepared a range of facilities to Kemaro Island, especially the support of transportation to the island in the middle of the Musi River.

Transportation from the market 16 Ilir prepared barge designed specifically for the celebration of China's big day, and the installation of the bridge from the ex-factory Intirub, so the congregation who wanted to worship in the island can Kemaro through land routes, he said.