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Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

BKB, Free Zone Motor Vehicles

6/11/2010 1:54:47 PM By: Taufiq Akbar

BKB region, which will be Free Zone Motor Vehicles
Palembang city have got the clean as much as four times, however, the level of effort to reduce air pollution caused by vehicle emissions continues, the City Government (City Government) expanded car-free area. After the Kambang Iwak, next Religious Tourism (BKB) and following several other areas.

To achieve a free zone BKB vehicles, Affair will install the portal as high as 30 meters after the entrance Kesdam II Sriwijaya, a second portal 100 meters from the first portal. If a special way employee portal Kesdam done then transferred dipekat River Side Restaurant, Vivid Head of Control and Supervision of Operational Affair Palembang, Pathi Riduan.

BKB enactment as a Free Zone will begin June 20 vehicles later, beginning with the implementation Anniversary Fun Bike in the city of Palembang, where a group of environmental ministers will do sepedai relaxed from Kambang Iwak to BKB. Special routes cyclists have been prepared at this time along Jl Merdeka to BKB and vice versa. Once installed public transportation portal that serves five routes that pass BKB, should not be crossed.

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