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Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

Environment Minister Opens Merdeka Walk Free Hotspot By: Taufiq Akbar

Minister of LH together Waliokta Palembang while viewing the photo exhibition
Merdeka Walk program to provide free hotspot for residents to access the Internet Palembang along Jalan Merdeka inaugurated by Environment Minister Mohammad Gusti Hatta Sunday, (20 / 6)

This program aims to provide convenience for the people of Palembang in obtaining information through the internet and also to support Palembang as the International City, welfare and good in 2013.

Accompanied by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Palembang Minister of Environment is also conducting a series of activities such as planting trees, an inscription in Kambang Iwak signer in order to celebrate the environment and birthdays to Palembang in 1327.

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