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Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

Bus Rapid Trans Musi

Palembang (AFP) - The mayor of Palembang, Eddy Santana Putra said, to support the development of environmentally friendly transport gas company would budget for the purchase of 40 units transmusi buses in 2010.

Earlier in 2009 had purchased 10 units of the bus fleet to transport transmusi targeted operations in January 2010, he said, in Palembang on Saturday.

According to him, the local clerk Palembang consistently to make a clean, green and pollution-free one with reduced exhaust emissions and using environmentally friendly fuels for vehicles.

Transmusi bus transportation program has become one of the environmentally friendly projects and create a comfortable mass transportation, safe and on time, he added.

He said, for the procurement of a fleet of 40 units is required around Rp16 billion 2010 budget year.

With the addition of the bus fleet of 40 units of the party sure transmusi operation BRT (bus rapid transit) will provide optimal service to the people of Palembang and become the main choice of citizens, he said.

He explained that local government will gradually reduce the general vehicle emissions contribute to high, such as transport which has been aged over 10 years and fuel oil.

Operation of mass transportation with the concept of BRT is expected to encourage the love of the people in using public transport as a means of transportation during this becoming obsolete, he said.

Eddy adds, not only the local clerk who is committed to providing a safe mass transportation, comfortable and environmentally friendly, but the support from the RI Department of Transportation also they have earned.

Grants in the form of a bus fleet of 15 units to realize the program transmusi bus, he added, too.

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