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Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Arts and Culture

The old history of Palembang and the entry of migrants from other regions, has made this city as a multi-cultural city. Had lost its function as a major port city's population was then adopted the culture of coastal Malays, and Javanese. Even now it can be seen in its culture. One of them is language. Words such as "mace (the door)", "pawpaw (banana)", is one example. Was knighted Javanese, such as Raden Mas / Ayu. The tombs of the Islamic heritage was not different in form and coraknya with Islamic tombs in Java. The city has a large enough Tionghoa community. Foods such as pempek or Tekwan made from fish impressive "Chinese" taste "the thick of Palembang society.

Art is located in Palembang, among others:

* Art Dul Muluk (traditional drama performances Palembang)
* Dances like Gending Sriwijaya held a reception to the guests, and dance that was exhibited in Tanggai wedding reception
* Regional Songs such as decks Sangke, Cuk Ilang Mak, CEO, and Ribang Kemambang
* Traditional House of Palembang is Limas House and House Raft

Palembang is also always held a variety of festivals every year, among others "Sriwijaya Festival" every month of June in order to commemorate Hari Jadi Kota Palembang, Bidar and Boat Festival celebrates Independence Day Ornamental, and various festivals commemorating the Hijri New Year, Month of Ramadan, and New Year's Day .

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